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Collage FIRE AND ICE, 40Х50

Артикул: 364115376135191
13 430,00₴Цена
  • The new collage “Fire and Ice” was created by artists under the impression of a recent trip to Iceland, where the fire is adjacent to the ice. And the two opposite elements very often directly touch each other. This natural contrast prompted Ivan and Vasily to think about the duality of the world, the human soul and sexuality, which they embodied in their art in the image of a man who enjoys himself, burns with desire and at the same time covers his sexuality with his hands. In the collage, embedding dry flowers that were found on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the crystal as a symbol of ice. Just like every physical form of the world of material nature: an atom, a cosmic body or a person - is the result of the interaction of dualities: energy and matter, and the human mind has two spheres separated from each other are consciousness and subconsciousness, spirituality and sexuality. According to Vasily and Ivan, this duality combined into a single whole makes life interesting and diverse.


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